We can easily come up with different ways to improve higher education since nowadays it has numerous flaws in the way it operates. Starting with the fact that most students can’t pay for higher education, therefore it would be almost impossible for them to get a job that will bring them the money needed to get more education. At some point higher education most be free or at least that student can paid for it in other ways, such as by working for the same university or even working for the state that is offering free higher education.

Taking aside the obvious fact that we should be allow to have free or cheaper education, one of the main things that should be improve is related to the Professors that are chosen to “impart wisdom and knowledge” to the students.  The Professors way of teaching should not be as the one where they want every student to do the “critical thinking” but based in their own believes and ideas. In the case of Virginia Tech, I came here in January 2015, therefore I don’t have that much to say about it, but so far it has been a great experience where Professors allow us to express our way of thinking and put into practice.

I recently read a document published by the American Public Media, where a Physics Professor at Harvard University was interviewed (http://americanradioworks. publicradio.org/features/tomorrows-college/lectures/rethinking-teaching.html). The purpose was to see how Professor teaches nowadays in the University and he explained that he is doing the usual but he does not understand why student are failing or they don’t seem to enjoy the class. He explained that he’s way of teaching changed when one day he notice that after explaining something with a lot of details, only 50% of the class understood what he meant and they answered right. Thats when he decided to allow students to talk to each other and share their point of view. He discovered that even though he has years of experience and knows the topic not perfectly but a lot better than all the students, he saw that after the group activity was done more than 50% of the class understood what he was explaining. He asked himself how is it possible that with all my experience they didn’t understand but when a student explain to each other they understand perfectly or at least had the notion of whats going? thats when he realized that since he already knows the topic, is hard for him to understand what kind of difficulties can a student have, therefore between students they can clarify their own problems in a more quicker way.

With this example, is more than clear that the connection in terms of understanding between student and professor should be more clear. Professor needs to understand that  their way of teaching should be updated because at some point student doesn’t need them due to the fact that we are becoming connected learners.