Lets start with the question of why student has to be tested for everything. A couple of years ago students in my University in Puerto Rico started complaining about what is the real reason why student has to be tested every time they learn something. Of course the professor responded that what other way is available for them to verify that the student understood what they are teaching them. Unfortunately for them, the professor couldn’t be more right.

During my undergrad I didn’t have the choice to select between having or not having to take a test because if you don’t take it you fail the class. However, it was different when I started my master degree due to the fact that since classes were smaller the professor felt that they were working with more “intelligent and responsible” students that will learn quickly without the need of being tested. To be honest it worked perfectly, at least for me, since I was able to participate more in class and do more projects that helped me put into practice what I learned.

The problem that student tend to have with the tests is that they will only memorize the material for the test and then they will forget about it. In a way professors are forcing students to work this way during their undergrad lives to a point that they will have a great GPA without knowing almost anything about their field of study. Its time to move forward, its time to find better ways to test student without the need of making them take an actual write test in a classroom.