Unfurtunately for students the only way to get in the real competition of finding jobs is with their current GPA. When applying for jobs the first filter that companies uses is the GPA of the student where they establish a threshold so every student with a GPA lower than that are not going to be consider for revision, no matter their job experience and knowledge in the field. The problem with this way of thinking is that nowadays the GPA of a student doesn’t represent the knowledge or abilities of each one of them.

The reason why I brought this topic is due to my experience in the past years. I had to work with students that had a GPA around 3.90 in a scale of 4.00 and also with student struggling in the 2.50. To be honest I prefer working with those that have a “low” GPA for numerous reasons. Companies should start changing their way of filtering student when they are trying to hire them. Today most undergrad student can easily get high GPA depending on the university they attended to, therefore is not a good estimation of how good is the student anymore.

College.usatoday.com explains why GPA is not important anymore for hiring a student by giving four important reasons (http://college.usatoday.com/2014/05/10/viewpoint-4-reasons-your-college-gpa-wont-matter-once-you-graduate/). Starting with the fact that grades are inflated, which means that student are getting higher grades for something that they did today that if it was 10 years ago they would have received a lower grade than what they received. Second, they believe that the process of getting the official transcript of the student is a low process that will delay the hiring process of the company. Also, hiring an experience student is more important than one that has a high GPA with no job experience related to his/her field. At last, networking, it doesn’t matter how high is your GPA if you don’t know how to communicate or you don’t have connection in your field of expertise it will not help in any case.

For theses reasons and many others, companies should start considering that the fact that a student has a high GPA will not guaranty that he will be a good and productive employee, therefore its time to chose a different filter.