I guess everything about blogs is related to share personal experiences to help other understand or at some point believe that all of us are on the same boat. On this one I want to talk about the uncertainty that we all have when we are going to graduate from high school. We need to decide which degree is better for us in terms of job availability in the future, the income that we will have and at the end if we are going to be happy with that job. But what happen when after all the research that you did in looking for the right degree and you finally made up your, you ask yourself “is this degree right for me?”. This question will be in your mind before, during and after your undergrad life.

But let me tell you something, as funny as it sounds I asked my self that question more than a 100 times due to the fact that during my undergrad I changed three times. When I went to college, I applied for Electrical Engineering because thats what my father does and thats what “I was supposed to do”, but believe or not in the first day of orientation I decided to change because of a conversation that I had with a professor that I met from the Biochemistry Department. Thats right!, I changed to a major totally opposite to what I wanted because somebody convinced me. I guess thats what you would think, but it was not the case. After that I realized that the reason why I changed was because deep down I wasn’t sure about that major.

After one year in Biochemistry I started hating chemistry like you can’t imaging, therefore I decided to go back to Electrical Engineering and finally give it a try, who knows?, maybe Im going to enjoy it. That wasn’t the case, so after two more years in this major and three years overall I decided to changed to Civil Engineering. I finally understood that this is the degree that is right for me and here I’m at Virginia Tech doing a PhD in Civil Engineering. The only problem about finding the right degree for me was that I had to test two others degrees to realized that this is the on for me, but I can say that it was worth it.