In one the clases we started talking about authorship and how should we handle that when writing a document or in my case a paper. I wanted to share some thoughts about when should we include another student or not in the papers that we write. We started discussing in class all the possible scenarios where another student can be included as a author. Some of those scenarios were when a students helps in the writing process of the paper and another one was if the student reviews the paper.

In my own experience I will only allow a student to be coauthor of my paper if they work with me at every stage of the development of that paper and with that I mean the design of the experiment, taking the data, analyzing the data and of course writing the paper. In terms of the review of the paper is for the advisor to handle. If the student didn’t work in one of those stages I will only include them in the acknowledgment due to his/her contribution in that specific ares.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because an experience that I had in the past where another student that was working with me but in different part of the research wanted to be coauthor of the paper. But this student told me that since it is my research and I was the one that is going to present it in the conference, I should be the one that writes the final draft so this student and the advisor can review it. Cases likes this one are the ones that students like this one should not be included in the paper as coauthor since there were no contribution in the development of the paper. If this student change something in my paper, I guess I can call it a “remix” of my work.