In one of my personal reflections in the journal, I started talking about how in todays world the rate of students getting a degree is higher than the rate of available jobs. Every year students graduate from different Universities across the country with the uncertainty that they are going to get a job related to their area of study. Must people believes that there are too many students seeking jobs and something has to be done to help them.

In my own experience I had the luck of working in a job related to my area while I was doing my master degree and right after I finished my degree. On the other hand most of my friends had to leave Puerto Rico in order to apply for a job that not only is related to their area of expertise but also that will allow them to pay their own bills. There is the other case where a friend finished his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and is currently selling cloths. At the end is a real job, but if you study for something is because thats what you want to do.

This issues that we see every day needs to be control or mitigated in some way since it is not only happening in our countries, but almost around the world. We should find a way to     create jobs opportunities for those futures generation of professional that at some point are going to continue the great work that the past generation has been doing.