During the Fall semester I decided to become the current president of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), Virginia Tech Student Chapter. This is the first ARTBA student chapter in the United States with a primary goal of promoting the protection of the current and future transportation infrastructure. With the same well define values and principles, the professional and student association believes in having Integrity and the highest ethical standards, visionary leadership that always focuses on the future, an ‘action-oriented’ approach and intelligent risk taking.

Besides its values and principles, ARTBA works under its code of ethics that was written under their document Bylaws, Article XX, where it states the following:

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association promotes the valuable public service performed by its members, and in doing so, both supports and encourages the efforts of its members to adhere to those legal and ethical standards relevant to the transportation construction industry.

In recognition thereof and with respect thereto, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to remove or suspend a member from association governance, in addition to other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

In other words, ARTBA relies on the principle that each member should work for the public in a legal and ethical manner. Being as straightforward as it is, if the member fails to comply with this principles, the member will be remove or suspended from the association.