Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Science Direct is known as a scientific database that has journals from different areas, including Engineering. Since my discipline is related to Transportation Engineering, I decided to talk about the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering. The responsible of the development of this journal is the Periodical Offices of Changan University located in Xian, China. According to the editor, this journal was developed with the purpose of providing a:

…platform for exchange and discussion of novel and creative ideas on theoretical and experimental researches in transportation field. It publishes high-quality peer-reviewed papers on engineering, planning, management, and information technology of transportation.

It’s main objective is centralized in presenting the research conducted on areas related to road, railway, automotive, bridge and tunnel engineering. Also air, maritime, road and railway transportation including the analysis, operation, optimization, and planning of transportation systems and network. Regarding the vehicle flow studies there is traffic control, traffic flow theory, management of transportation, multimodal transportation and logistics research, intelligent transport systems and materials science.

When we refer to the term open access it simply means an unrestricted access to research that can be found online. As presented in the scope, the editors believes that this journal is a platform for exchange and discussion, where researchers are allowed to present their findings in a constructive and open manner. With that idea in mind they already developed volumen 1 and volume 2 with 6 and 5 issues respectively. Even though they already developed two volumes, this journal started in 2014, therefore it is too soon for a journal to accomplish good standard that can be recognized worldwide.