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Open Access journal publications have been steadily on the rise for the past few years. In 2019, there were estimated 600,000 open access articles published worldwide [1]. For this week’s post, I looked into The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR).

JAIR is an open access scientific journal that is dedicated to spreading Artificial Intelligence (AI) research to the global AI community. Their scope seems to be comprehensive in all major areas of AI including agents and multi-agent systems, automated reasoning, constraint processing and search, knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language, planning and scheduling, robotics and vision, and uncertainty in AI.

An interesting fact about this journal is that it was established in 1993 making it one of the first open access journals on the web. Additionally, this journal does not require authors to pay any fees for submissions unlike some other journals, this is very encouraging for authors to publish in this journal. The turn around time for submissions is somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks which is considered on the quicker side compared to other journals, this quick turn around time combined with the free nature of the journal seems to tempt authors to submit papers that are not completely as polished as they could be. That being said, the journal seem to have a rigorous blind peer review process to maintain high quality publications.

JAIR is published by AI Access Foundation, which is a nonprofit public charity whose purpose is “to facilitate the dissemination of scientific results in AI”. Their open access policy states that individual users have the right to read, download, or link to articles but cannot publish or sell complete volumes of the journal, that right is reserved exclusively for AAAI which is located in California. It must be noted that AAAI is a sponsor for JAIR , so perhaps that exclusive publishing deal is one of the ways to keep the journal free.




3 thoughts on “Open Access

  1. I really like this post because I hadn’t thought about open access journals charging authors to publish, which would make sense to keep the journal free for consumers. Also, I wonder if the journal anticipates more than unpolished manuscripts and whether that is taken into consideration during peer review. Is the journal forgiving on lower quality submissions or is the review process still rigorous but they provide substantive feedback. I would definitely be interested in reading some the open access journals related to machine learning. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sam,
    Thank you for sharing this open-access journal in artificial intelligence research. The trend has become very enormous to artificial intelligence in all fields and disciplines. It is great that there is an open journal that provides research in this area and it is not new. I’m interested to read the articles, especially in artificial intelligence related to education which needs these days using online learner and learning management systems. Thank you again.


  3. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for sharing about JAIR. I think it’s great that this journal doesn’t charge authors like others do. I’m hoping that this becomes the norm as I’ve seen the prices that some of these journals charge per page and it seems like a pretty hefty price to me. It’s great that this journal has been around for a while, it shows that the OA journal “movement” is not new. I think as more of these journals are established and running for a while, they will be better received in academia. At the moment, in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, I have observed that many professors are hesitant to have their and their students’ work published in OA journals.

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