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[…] “Animate pretension with intention” enjoins Bum in a Suit, in what is surely one of the most engaging and conflicted “about” posts I’ve yet to read on a new blog.  Taking his cue from Kurt Vonnegut, Bum in a Suit zips straight to the heart of that ambivalence many of us confront when we begin to blog.  For if the internet and its affordances are increasingly implicated into every aspect of our work and daily life , starting a blog is often one of our first deliberate endeavors to create content by claiming and building on a piece of digital real estate.  As Bum in a Suit notes, beginning to blog can feel like an act of pretension: How could the tiny droplets I offer here ever matter in the bottomless ocean of the web?  What agency might my lone ideas exercise against the ever-more-sophisticated algorithms of Google, Facebook and the like? Starting a new blog might also seem futile and /or passe.  As the internet of things rises over the horizon of the internet of information and communication is there really any point to continue to talk to each other?* […]

Comment on Where is it going to end? by A. Nelson

Wow. This really gets to the heart of one of the major tensions in the legacy of “As we may think.” I agree that the line between “repetitive” and “mature” thought is increasingly difficult to draw neatly. In fact it might look more ghostly than linear – like the historical trails of whaling ships mapped out by Ben Schmidt (thanks for letting me put in a plug for historians as well!):
Where is it going to end? Good question. The advent of quantum computing promises to make the journey even more interesting and challenging in terms of how humans think and what they know. (,9171,2164806,00.html)