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The Tyranny of the Plot

We talked a few weeks ago about the tyranny of paper (Ted Nelson’s term), a concept that I have been thinking about ever since. The big question here is: how much are new technologies trapped by the format of old technologies? Another kind of tyranny comes up in Brenda Laurel’s work: the tyranny of the … Continue reading »

I heart my computer

“In the design of our future media and systems, we should not shrink from this emotional aspect as a legitimate part of our fantic (see p. 317) design.” (p.306) The attention Nelson draws to our emotional connections with technology seems (like so much of what we are reading in this seminar) eerily prescient. It made me think … Continue reading »

Where is it going to end?

Like “boxout11,” I think most of us suffer from chronic information overload. Bush thought “the record” was already getting to be so big by 1945 that “we can hardly consult it.” Now we have even more information becoming ever more easily accessible. Fitting all the world’s knowledge into a moving van was the next big … Continue reading »