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Build LAB Progress!

We’ve had our very first deliveries arrive yesterday. Just a flammables cabinet and some tools, just the beginning, very exciting. Things are going to start stepping up as the trucks begin to show up and I’ll be documenting the process with photos and posting them here as we build out. Our schedule is to have(…)

The New Apple Interface

I am an ‘old Apple guy’ so I feel a little leeway to chime in on their latest product demos. The iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks previews have some neat new features but perhaps the biggest change is a basic design one moving away from what we’re calling ‘skeuomorphic’ design elements and toward a(…)

Sustainability and The Lab

Sustainability is a great contexturalizer, it provides a framework and meta-theme for considering our actions and thinking about our relationships. The best evidence of the success of ‘sustainability’ as an idea is that I don’t have to call myself a ‘sustainability person’ or say that sustainability is the primary focus of my research and other(…)