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a nice little joke

After reading just two weeks of readings I get the feeling engineers and computer scientists are prophets, or at least prophetic. How can we figure out a way to know at this moment who to listen to? I go back and forth between feeling this is a nice little history and wanting to run around(…)

Complex Medium

As I started the course and readings, I wondered … “I grew up during the digital age, so this is all going to be familiar”.  I now realize I had no idea what was happening behind the digital curtain.  I was simply experiencing the interface … the front door, if you will. Accepting my place…

Build Lab at Virginia Tech 2014-02-19 16...

The Build LAB has been moving at break neck pace through the Fall and Spring terms. A couple of highlights include a new research project headed by Rohin Lahoria looking at CNC manufacturing of structural building components. That project will include a join industry/academic meeting April to include workshops, demonstrations, and general knowledge exchange. Very(…)

Choosing an image for the blog site

I’ve spent more time thinking about a graphic for this blog than I have about the content. I’m trying to find an image that captures the spirit and purpose of the blog, yet is also consistent with my scholarly approach as a historian and within my limited capacities as a designer and manipulator of images. […]

Welcome to Awash in Data

This site allows for reflections, observations, and suggestions about the implications of “big data” for research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences. The metaphor of being “awash in data” is both illustrative of my perceptions and suggestive of possible responses. More reflections to come…..

On a snowy day

On snowy day, what would you choose to do: play in it, drive in it, stay inside or something else?  Well, I’ve decided staying inside was best.  There a fireplace that warms the house and I do not like freezing weather.  Perhaps by the weekend I may be convinced to play in it … maybe…

As We May Think or Think As We May?

The concepts of  punch cards, the memex, and information trails as means of extending and enhancing memory, processing, and retrieval of information have manifested…possibly from the thoughts of Vannevar Bush and others? (Plank/Quantum Theory). We now have machines that mimic(k) the way we think.  So now the question is, at what point are our brains […]