Grimes and McConnell throw down in KY Debate


On Monday night the two Kentucky Senate candidates entered into a heated debate about the issues facing not only the state of Kentucky but the state of the nation. The primary focus being jobs.

McConnell, a beacon of Conservative resistance to the agenda of the Obama Administration, surprisingly began the night touting what he claimed to be a “bipartisan record” of reaching across the aisle and working with Vice President Joe Biden on a variety of issues. He further played to his experience as a veteran of the United States Senate and his commitment to Conservative values and principles that he feels best serve the interest of Kentucky. He was relentless in his attacks against Grimes, continuously trying to tie her to the unpopular Obama.

One issue that surfaced on several occasions was Grimes’s failure to acknowledge whether she voted for Obama in either 2008 or 2012.  An awkward exchange for Grimes with respects to both her Liberal base and more Conservative leaning undecided voters.

Grimes, on the other hand attacked McConnell as a “Washington Insider” who puts partisan interest above the good of the country and the good of Kentucky. She attributed his tactics to gridlock and lack of progress. She instead offered an agenda she claims would move things forward for Kentucky and the country.

Though there were no words unshared between the two, there was no clear winner of the debate either. The debate mimicked the same messages being hurled from both sides throughout the campaign. No major breakthroughs in terms of policy stances. Just more mudslinging as expected.


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