Money floods into the KY Senate Race at unprecedented levels


The 2014 bid for the Kentucky Senate seat could prove to be one of the most expensive in United States history. A piece titled Analysis: Ky. Senate race paid for by outside donors written by author Tom Loftus of the Louisville Courier-Journal, recently featured on USA Today, hones in on the details behind the campaign financing of this race.

According to Lotus and an analysis performed by the Courier-Journal $37 million in traceable donations have been made to the two candidates, of which interestingly 85% has come from out of state sources.

Lundergan Grimes, McConnell’s Democratic Challenger, has received around 24.5% of her money from inside Kentucky. The rest is from out of state sources primarily located in California, New York, and D.C. Grimes champions the greatest volume of “small donations”, raising $3.6 million, close to 31.% of her total amount of donations, from contributions of $200 or less. Pro-Grimes committees have made $1 million in contributions which amounts to about 9% of contributions from PACs.

McConnell, the incumbent Republican Senate Minority Leader, gets most of his money from outside of Kentucky, with only 12.2% of contributors listing in-state addresses. His money mainly comes from PACs in D.C., Texas, and New York. Pro-McConnell committees have made $9 millions in contributions, which amounts to around 30% in contributions from PACs. McConnell has raised only $940,000 in small contributions of less than $200, only just 3% of his total amount of donations.

Overall, the amount of money being transferred between hands on both sides is unprecedented. It represents the chaos and politics of a post-Citizen United Era, and also gives insight into how many horses out of state players have in this race to control the Senate. Only time will tell if dollars translate into victory.

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