Russian Flu Research Posted on Circulating Now

Mapping the 1889-1890 Russian Flu,” Circulating Now, August 11, 2014, written by Veronica Kimmerly, Nicholas Meyfoud, and Marin Shipe

The Russian Flu in the News,” Circulating Now, August 13, 2014, written by Emily Oliver, Anna Pope, Madison Rawles, and Grayson Van Beuren

A Physician’s Perspective on the Russian Flu,” Circulating Now, August 15,  2014, written by Alexis Abraham, Veronica O’Rourke, and Crystal Velasco.


Database of articles on Russian Flu available now

The “Russian Flu” research project has now completed work for the spring semester. The results of this research include more than 200 articles contributed to a database of source materials on the Flu. The database was created by a team of Computer Science students, as part of their senior capstone experience. The database still needs further development, but it does provide access to a wide range of primary sources about the Russian Flu, using newspapers from Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and the US. More articles and enhanced functionality of the website are planned for this summer. The site is available here: For more information, please contact Tom Ewing (

Welcome to Russian Flu Project

This project explores the relationship between the spread of disease and the spread of information during the “Russian Flu” epidemic, 1889-1890. The research will be done by a team of Virginia Tech undergraduates working in collaboration with a historian. This site will provide updates on the project, resources, and findings.