As I begin my journey into Russia, I wanted to push myself to expand my knowledge into worlds unknown, worlds that will make me a more well rounded student. I consider myself a Europeanist, so my goal for today was to explore something out of my comfort zone. My first step on my journey is to a tourist attraction that was once a part of Russia but now considered the Middle East. The prison is called Emir’s Prison facilitates which only cost two dollars to walk through. The first picture that stood out to me was a picture of  Emir of Bukhara. What attracted me to study him more was the his garb, a khalat, something not European, instead Asian. The coat started in Asia, and traveled up the Silk road through merchants and markets ending its travels in the city of Bukhara and ultimately the hands of Samarkand protectorate. Not only does the fine linen displays how rich he is, it is also a link to his power. People in power had the money to spend on lavish items from a different country. The history behind the picture dates back to 1886 when Russia conquered Samarkand making the ruler of Samarkand a Russian protectorate. This ruler pictured, Said Mir Mohammad Alim Khan, was the last Samarkand protectorate with his rule ending in 1920 by the Red Army and being exiled. He was exiled to prison, which is now called Emir’s Prison because twice a month, prisoners were brought before him and he would decide if they would die or be pardoned. Even through he was in prison, he still retained power.