Linux overall

I’ve really started to enjoy using Ubuntu. I currently use a mac thats boot-camped with mac and windows 7. I have linux on my computer with virtual box and enjoy the freedom I have with it a lot more than with mac. I usually use Mac for school work that doesn’t require a program such as matlab or MPlab. If I could I would replace the mac side with a clean installed Linux since having to split RAM between them in virtual box is a bit slow in my opinion. I would still need window 7 though since a lot of the program I need for classes only works on windows. Overall the break I’ll try to do a clean install on my computer to add Linux. The only problem is the lack of memory I have left on my computer. Hopefully this break will let me clean out my computer and let me install Linux with ReFit. The class has taught me to enjoy linux and use the terminal, opening up so many more options for me.

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