Unix Project so far

Our Unix project has been going well so far. We are doing a fantasy football program that will log us into an account and give certain data about our league. Unfortunately the app will only work for certain types of yahoo fantasy football leagues. This is because the league commissioner can set different settings for what will be displayed on the website and how the league will be such as having divisions or not. The problem is that we are looking for certain key words in the source for the page and that’s different depending on how the league is set up. Luckily someone in my group has a standard league which we are making our program work for. My league has 2 divisions where half the teams are placed in one and another half is in another. Because it is set this way the display of teams is completely different from the look of a league with no division and all the teams listed in one table. A problem we didn’t take into account for is that it is currently playoff time for our fantasy football league now. This only happens for 2 or 3 weeks at the end compared to the much longer regular season. The page normally doesn’t look like the form it is in now and we would mostly want our fantasy football program to work for regular season. So far this project has been really interesting since it directly relates to a hobby of mind. Hopefully everything will be ready by Wednesday.

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