Testing another groups project

The project I tested was the room reservation project. I thought it was every well done. It choose this one since I knew a couple people in the group and the project used c++ which I been doing in my applied software class. The code was very well organized which I think was the best part of the project. If you can’t understand how to explain your code to people in the future, then it makes things a lot more complicated for them to update or debug it. But since they gave many comments it made it easy to follow. They followed the Unix design philosophy, by making it simple and well organized with all the functions with it.

I wish I had more times to test out the other projects to see how they work, but maybe after the semester ends and during the break I’ll be able to look at them.

Linux overall

I’ve really started to enjoy using Ubuntu. I currently use a mac thats boot-camped with mac and windows 7. I have linux on my computer with virtual box and enjoy the freedom I have with it a lot more than with mac. I usually use Mac for school work that doesn’t require a program such as matlab or MPlab. If I could I would replace the mac side with a clean installed Linux since having to split RAM between them in virtual box is a bit slow in my opinion. I would still need window 7 though since a lot of the program I need for classes only works on windows. Overall the break I’ll try to do a clean install on my computer to add Linux. The only problem is the lack of memory I have left on my computer. Hopefully this break will let me clean out my computer and let me install Linux with ReFit. The class has taught me to enjoy linux and use the terminal, opening up so many more options for me.

Assignment Assignment

I really liked this assignment and enjoyed thinking of things that would have helped me learned better. It also gave me the chance to find a topic that I feel would be helpful for future programmers. The topic I thought would be really useful for all programmers would be the use of threads. They allow a program to run multiple things at the same time saving time. This relates to Unix in how it makes things a lot more efficient, this is done by saving time.

I also think good assignments would be to watch like a short clip/video on youtube and write about it. I always enjoy watching stuf to learn things over reading about them. It wouldn’t be to hard of an assignment and wouldn’t take to much time either. I like how this try gave me a chance to try and play teacher, which seems quite enjoyable in trying to help future students.

Unix Projects

Looking at the unix projects. A lot of them seem interesting and would be fun to test. The zombie one seems interesting and simple coding. This would make it so I wouldn’t have to download anything else to my ubuntu to run the program. I think I’m going to try out the room reservation program though. This is because I know some of the members in the group and they made it sound interesting to me. I also think that understanding their project and code would be really nice since it has a good real world application and use. If I ever need to make something that takes data I feel this would teach me and give me a good understanding of data manipulation and use. This last assignment will help teach me; in addition it will help evaluate another group at the same time.

Unix/Linux work and classmates

For this class next year I feel there should be more assignments without python. It’s hard to try and learn 2 new topics(linux and python) at the same time. The class would be more interesting if the assignments were group things, giving us a chance to practice more in groups since almost all the other classes we take as engineers forces us to work alone. It could kill two birds with one stone in giving us a class that will teach us and give us real experience in groups. The one big group project is nice, but I wish I could have got to know more people in the class through group assignments outside of class.

Unix/Linux Class

This Unix/Linux class has been a good learning experience. Even though it’s been enjoyable I wish we did in class assignments of using terminal to do things and such. I feel this would have made the class more hands on which I enjoy. I think this would have left me more prepared for homework in the class also. The point system in the class confuses me too. To get an A in this class we have to do some of the optional assignments. I thought we would be able to make an A without the optional, but be able to do them to raise our grades. I do understand that these optional assignments are more fun  though which makes them much easier to do. Over all I’ve enjoyed the class and thank you, Mr. Maczka, for teaching us and being an awesome teacher. I will post more hopefully soon.

Unix Project so far

Our Unix project has been going well so far. We are doing a fantasy football program that will log us into an account and give certain data about our league. Unfortunately the app will only work for certain types of yahoo fantasy football leagues. This is because the league commissioner can set different settings for what will be displayed on the website and how the league will be such as having divisions or not. The problem is that we are looking for certain key words in the source for the page and that’s different depending on how the league is set up. Luckily someone in my group has a standard league which we are making our program work for. My league has 2 divisions where half the teams are placed in one and another half is in another. Because it is set this way the display of teams is completely different from the look of a league with no division and all the teams listed in one table. A problem we didn’t take into account for is that it is currently playoff time for our fantasy football league now. This only happens for 2 or 3 weeks at the end compared to the much longer regular season. The page normally doesn’t look like the form it is in now and we would mostly want our fantasy football program to work for regular season. So far this project has been really interesting since it directly relates to a hobby of mind. Hopefully everything will be ready by Wednesday.

Even though it’s for windows and not linux. I hope to make a code that will work for linux soon. Here’s my cat program that works in command prompt instead of terminal.


@echo off
Rundll32 user32,SwapMouseButton
rundll32 keyboard,disable

start chrome.exe www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dpQKntj_w
ping -n 1 -w 5000 > nul
goto x

Linux Clubs and setting it up

Unfortunately the LUGG club meets are over. I was hoping there were a couple more that I could get too for credit. They were okay for helping me install but I wished they were a little simpler to help people that were really new to Linux. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it as another partition for my computer but they weren’t able to install Linux onto a Mac. I have downloaded refit onto my computer to try and install Linux onto my Mac, but it glitches up. Hopefully soon I will get it to work so I can have a clean partition with Linux. Virtual Box it nice but it glitches is somewhat slow with me splitting the ram on Mac and Linux. So far Virtual Box is good enough for me, but if I want to use Linux normally I feel I would need to have a separate one of just Linux.

Linux Project

The linux project is going well so far. The fantasy football program has been a lot of work to try and get the data from the website. Although its hard I feel I’ll really enjoy this project when we finally get it to work. I’ll hopefully be able to combine this fantasy football site with other sports leagues over yahoo to make one big python application that takes data from multiple sites and gives all the sports data on one GUI page. So far we have gotten some data, so now we need to work on getting all the correct data from the website. I’m really starting to enjoy this but wish there was a little more terminal work for this project instead of mostly python programming. Good Luck to everyone though and I’ll hope to post again soon.