Intellectual Biography Assignment

Image by Jacob Martinez (creative commons license)

Thinking about what it means to be a historian entails, in the first instance, getting to know how professional historians got into the profession, how they imagine their work, and how they think about their job.  Your assignment, therefore, is to seek out the historian you were assigned in our first class, get to know their work, and interview them about how they got to the current position as a professional and how their ideas were shaped.  You should ask basic questions, i.e. where were you educated; what were your influences.  Yet you should also ask deeper questions, i.e. how do you categorize your methodology and why; who are your greatest influences, etc.  I’d also like you to get a sense of what they actually do in their jobs, and how they view the future of the academy in general and the historical profession in particular.

Please post your report on your blog and be ready to give an oral presentation in class on September 17.

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