University Mission Statements

The two universities I’ve chosen to discuss are both former universities I’ve attended for research or temporary undergraduate studies.  

Kettering University

Mission statementprovide the world’s best integrated experiential education through exemplary programs of study and applied research in engineering, science and business.

Founded in 1919 as an Automotive engineering and management university (“The School of Automobile Trades”), it was later in 1926 financial supported by General Motors and renamed General Motors Institute.  In 1998, its name was changed to Kettering University in memory of the original founder of the university.  Kettering is located in Flint, Michigan, Kettering is a private institution with undergraduate and graduate studies and research in engineering, science and business.  This particular university is of particular interest to me due to its well-recognized engineering program, but also the personal struggle that other students and I underwent while adjusting to its extremely underemployed and crime-ridden location.

The University of Nottingham Transportation Engineering Research center (NTEC)

Mission Statement:  to be an internationally renowned centre of excellence in transportation engineering, providing a focus for fundamental and applied research and technical service support for the pavement industry.  

NTEC functions as an attached research facilities on the university campus which is located in the city of Nottingham, UK.  The University of Nottingham was founded in 1881 as the “first civic college” in area.  In 1948, the university was “awarded the Royal Charter” which resulted in its current name and its ability to issue degrees associated with its new name.  In the fall of 2014, I conducted graduate research toward my Masters at NTEC from August to December.  This opportunity was something of a life changing experience.  It was my first opportunity to travel to Europe, and even more importantly, I was able to do this under the financial support of the VT Civil Engineering Department.  Extending beyond just the first time traveling experience, I was forced to learn how to integrate professionally and socially in a new cultural setting, which to my surprise differed significantly from ours in the US.  Through this experience, I was able to expand my network socially, academically, and professionally.