Disconnection through Diversity Discussion

After reviewing the articles for this weeks reading, I was happy that I couldn’t personally recall a situation in my academic experience where I felt oppressed.  It might have something to do with being in an applied science major (engineering).  In engineering, all subject matter is independent of personal or emotional belief, thus the probability of encountering any form of oppression is significantly reduced.  Even when if I engage this topic as a potential general academic problem, such as the workshops I’ve had to take to be hired as a GRA, I find it hard to understand why we feel discussing these problems solve any problems or potentially create new ones by inviting students to even think about.  BUT,  those workshop exercises I’ve taken for various jobs made me cringe, and wonder who actually has to be lectured about this at any college age.  Perhaps the very people that benefit from these discussions are the same people that have to have an instruction alerting them to the possible danger of eating a cookie that hasn’t been removed from its wrapper.

Generally speaking, when students enter into higher education, regardless of their background, they need to accept the large diversity of students and IDEAS.  If a person cannot recognize this, discussing this topic with them will probably not change their way of thinking, since the root of their issue lies much deeper, where only good psychology may be of benefit.  After, higher education is place to spread and expand ideas that benefit humanity, not ideas that inhibit development.