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  • Upcoming committee meeting

    Posted on April 20th, 2014 Rosemary Zlokas No comments

    I am really excited (and possibly a little nervous) for my first committee meeting this week.  On Thursday, I will be meeting with Dr. Jones, Dr. Mollin, and Dr. Cline to discuss my thesis proposal.  I have already discussed this project several times over with each of them, but I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say after reading my whole proposal.  It also helps that I have had each member as a teacher already, so I (hopefully) know what to expect in terms of their critiques and can begin to anticipate what they will have to say.

    Here is what I hope to come away from this meeting with:

    • Suggestions for changes to the proposal
    • A narrowed scope, possibly a more specific time frame
    • A refinement of my proposed sources
    • Suggestions for additional sources, if need be
    • A better and more clear summer research plan
    • Suggestions for how to better approach my historiography
    • Suggestions on what to clarify (especially terms and ideas)
    • Realigning (and possibly eliminating) some subquestions and subarguments
    • Assurance that this project is worthwhile pursuing
    • That all of my committee members are on board
    • An understanding of what the “public history” component/requirements will be

    Here is what I hope my committee members come away from this meeting with:

    • Feelings of excitement over this project!
    • Opinions that this project is worthwhile pursing
    • Answers to any questions they may have
    • Assurances for any concerns they may have
    • A better understanding (and appreciation) for my topic
    • A feeling that we can work well together, along with the other committee members