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  • Proposing a few ideas about my proposal

    Posted on April 6th, 2014 Rosemary Zlokas No comments

    I was surprised by how much I learned writing my proposal!  I was skeptical about “faking” an argument going into the writing process, but it really helped me focus the other parts of the proposal around a central idea.  Writing a research question was also very helpful in thinking about my evidence and methodology because it really called into question what types of evidence are needed.  In some ways, it made me realize that I know a lot more about where I want to take this project.  At the same time, it made me realize how much I still have to find out about my topic!


    For the next draft, I would like to tighten my main argument and possible narrow my secondary arguments.  I have since found a few more texts I would like to add to streamline and strengthen my historiography.  I would also like to be more specific about my evidence and research plans, as well as provide better context to orient my audience to the topic.