About rogerskd

I am currently a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech's in the School of Science & Technology Studies. I have a diverse business background with continued academic professional training including graduate degrees in science and technology policy, information systems & technology, international finance/management, and in development economics and graduate certificates in Asian Studies, International Political Economy, and CIO/CTO Innovation. Currently, I am seeking ways to apply my experiences, academic endeavors and lessons learned to strengthen the role and effect of diplomacy around the world. Diplomacy has been referred to as a soft or smart power and today 'good' diplomacy is in high demand. In the world system, a failed state has global implications and diplomacy, including economic and social development, are essential tools needed to prevent fragile states from failure. In seeking ways to strengthen diplomacy, I am specifically looking at how ICT’s, and the emergence of cyberspace, can be leveraged in this process.

Towards Ethical Frameworks for Cyberspace

Oppressors in social issues are often characterized along racial, gender, class and political lines. However, these traditional lenses may, at times, obscure fully understanding the thoughts, mindsets, and actions that lead to irresponsible, negligent, unethical, immoral and illegal actions. In the case of the Flint Water Crisis, and other similar crises, where those in power […]

Engaging the International Community on Internet Governance

The U.S. must engage the international community regarding the proper governance of the Internet to ensure that information in cyberspace remains free and accessible to U.S citizens and the global community. A deeper understanding of the complex socio-technical nature of cyberspace is needed to govern and secure the Internet in ways that achieve strategic and democratic […]