Mission Statements – mid-west universities

I chose these two universities to look at because my son (a senior in high school) is considering them both.  Interestingly, they are both considered “mid-west” schools.  He was looking at OSU for the physics major and music minor and looking at UNL for their music major program.

We are not considering any out of country schools for our children.

We visited OSU and believe the mission statement applies to our experience – it appears to be a comprehensive school with strengths in multiple academic programs.  It is clear that they live their philosophy of engagement and service and that diversity and inclusion are pervasive at their university.

I have not visited UNL but have heard they have a good music education program.  What stood out to me was that their mission statement seemed very focused on in-state students and benefits to Nebraska, specifically.  They don’t mention diversity, inclusion or having a global reach (only a Nebraska reach).

After this assignment I’m more inclined to like OSU because they appear to value a diversity, inclusivity and a larger (more global) reach than UNL.

Mission statement from The Ohio State University:


The University is dedicated to:

  • Creating and discovering knowledge to improve the well-being of our state, regional, national and global communities;
  • Educating students through a comprehensive array of distinguished academic programs;
  • Preparing a diverse student body to be leaders and engaged citizens;
  • Fostering a culture of engagement and service.

We understand that diversity and inclusion are essential components of our excellence.

Mission statement from University of Nebraska, Lincoln:

Our Mission

As Nebraska’s only land-grant, comprehensive, research university, our mission is clear. It is defined by the Board of Regents and the Nebraska Statutes. We are directed to teach, to do research, and to serve Nebraskans. These missions are intertwined and interdependent. The products of the fulfillment of our mission are young adults prepared to lead successful lives, innovation that expands our horizons and our economy, creative activity that improves the quality of our lives, and a close connection to the needs and aspirations of Nebraska.