1st year studio

Reflecting on this past year I realize how much we have all grown and transformed.  Personally, I never knew I would be able to push myself and challenge myself to the limits I have regarding design.  I know there is still so much to learn and room to grow, but I really feel like this year has prepared me for the years to come.  I now feel confident in so many computer programs such as rhino and photoshop, the print labs, wood and metal shop and even a little bit in the plastic shop.  I have learned the importance of class discussions and eportfolios.  Overall, I feel very prepared for the years to come and I am excited to continue my journey in design!


Going back into the alphabet,  I realized how each font has a set of rules that unifies all the letters.  While there are always exceptions to the rules, those exceptions also create an additional set of rules. I never realized how much thought along with a defining set of rules goes into something as everyday as the alphabet.

Technical drawing scans

After drawing and scanning our upper and lower case letters, I’ve realized that it is not easy to get a good scan of a technical drawing with construction lines.  In order to still see the construction lines, the brightness and contrast can only be adjusted so much. Martha warned us that getting a good scan of a technical drawing would be hard and I am definitely realizing that.  To have all of my lines visible, the background color of the scans is not appearing completely white.  I am definitely interested in going back and redrawing the letters with all the lines darker so the scans can have a white background with visible construction lines.

3 inch cubes

Going back into projects such as the 3 inch cube, I learned how important precision and accuracy really are.  My first cube was just under 3 inches on all sides because I cut each piece to exactly three inches and then once I glued and sanded everything the dimensions were a little off.  My second iteration of the cube I accounted for blade width as well as sanding and made each piece just over three inches so when I sanded it down to make it smooth it would be accurate.  My decision to leave the second cube unstained was due to the natural wood grain and pattern of the long grain to end grain.  I think the second cube was more successful in fulfilling the prompt and learning about the machines in shop.