Documenting work

Throughout the semester, I have neglected photographing my work right after it is complete.  I have learned that by doing so, the models deteriorate and collect dust.  When I photographed my work, I was not happy with the way the models were portrayed because they were not clean and sturdy looking.  I also was not satisfied with the black paper roll that we used as a backdrop because it photographed with a yellowish tint that was distracting from the models.  I remade most of my models and used a black fabric sheet and discovered that I’m much happier with the way they turned out.  I definitely have learned that photographing work immediately is the way to go.


Creating a portfolio that is cohesive, easy to navigate, organized, and descriptive is really important in documenting your work.  I struggled with the ePortfolio website and creating a gallery of some sort that would break the different projects apart.  Over the summer we used ePortfolio and for some reason the layout of my summer portfolio and my portfolio now are complete opposites.  I think the layout of my portfolio from the summer was much cleaner and separated the projects into their own gallery.  My portfolio now opens straight into a list of the images without any galleries or sub-galleries.  I think the best solution to this will be to continue my portfolio from the summer so all of my work is together.  As soon as I have it up and running I will post the link for feedback!