Service Learning Day

Visiting the Jacksonville Art Center in Floyd and helping construct shelving units in the Straw Bale House was really interesting.  The ability to get hands-on experience in real life construction was a great learning opportunity.  We were able to see how important precision is and how a larger scale project differs from smaller constructions we’ve done in studio.  Overall, I learned the importance scale and precision have in constructions whether they are large or small.


Floyd VA is an interesting town, while it may not appear to have had a lot of city planning because it is so small, it has a definite design to it.  Because Floyd only has one intersection and is very close-knit, the design between buildings and the layout of the town had to be uniform enough to show the unity but also different enough to show that it was not a cookie-cutter town.  I think finding the balance between eclectic and a developed feeling is very important to a successful design and I believe Floyd captures that feeling.