design and music

The past few common lectures have involved musicians which has made me question what music and design have in common.  I think music is relevant to design because it is an art form where rhythm, flow, unity, and structure are all present.  Music and design are both created and must be detail oriented even with the small details.  The structure of the notes and the order impact thefinished piece. When you start comparing the different elements of music and design, it’s easy to see how much they really have in common.

jacksonville art center

After presenting our proposed projects to the board members on Monday, looking back I realize that was a milestone for us in our design careers. The Jacksonville center was our first project where we had a real client and had to deal with an exististing structure. From the experience I took away the importance of listening the the client’s needs and designing something that is functional and cost efficient.

Design as a team effort

Design is something that I used to think was a one man show.  There are so many different styles and approaches to design that it’s hard to collaborate with others to create one unified building.  However, I know that within firms, multiple architects collaborate on each project.  Design doesn’t have to be limited to one person, it can be a group effort.  I think the key thing that makes designing as a team work is a unified sense of style or approach.