Downtown Houston

On the way to our hotel in Houston we stopped downtown for about 15 minutes to observe the city.  I originally had no idea that downtown Houston was so vibrant and lively.  A common theme I noticed was the use of color as well as reflectivity.  The larger buildings shared a reflective facade while the smaller scale buildings tended to use a lot of color.  Normally I wouldn’t think these two realms could be done so close together, but I realized that they could and they actually complemented each other.  Here are a few photos from the trip of downtown Houston.Houston1 smallerHouston2 smallerHouston3 smallerHouston4 smaller


Our recent trip to Roanoke and the Taubman Museum have really made me start to focus on the design of a city rather than solely the individual design of each building.  I used to overlook how a city fits together until we explored Roanoke.  Roanoke is such an ecclectic mix of buildings and design but somehow it all fits together.  I now look at the interaction of building materials, proportion, scale, pattern, etc of buildings near each other as well as of the city as a whole.