1st year studio

Reflecting on this past year I realize how much we have all grown and transformed.  Personally, I never knew I would be able to push myself and challenge myself to the limits I have regarding design.  I know there is still so much to learn and room to grow, but I really feel like this year has prepared me for the years to come.  I now feel confident in so many computer programs such as rhino and photoshop, the print labs, wood and metal shop and even a little bit in the plastic shop.  I have learned the importance of class discussions and eportfolios.  Overall, I feel very prepared for the years to come and I am excited to continue my journey in design!

Space Architecture

On Monday, I spoke with a woman who works for NASA and we got on the topic of my major, architecture.  I didn’t really think that architecture and outer space has any relationship but after speaking with her I realized that they actually have a lot in common.  Architecture is not just about building walls from the ground up; rather, it’s about defining spaces and designing to meet the needs of the client.  Space architecture is something new to me as well as a lot of other architecture majors.  I found an article about building a habitat for four astronauts for a 60 day mission that I found to be really interesting.