Importance of iterations

Design is a process and is never complete without multiple iterations.  I’ve learned that it isn’t about the first idea you have but the development and exploration of that idea.  Recently we explored color with screen printing.  The prompt was to only use three colors, two for the screen print and one for the paper color.  Chris mentioned to me that it was important to try how colors layer on top of each other and to experiment with foreground and background by doing the lighter color as the lamp base and then try it as the highlights.  I learned that screen printing blue on yellow creates a different effect compared to printing yellow on blue.  Without this experimentation, I don’t think I would have discovered how color layers.  After our initial pin up I was not satisfied with my print because of the quality of the way the ink kind of bubbled on the paper and how it didn’t stand out or pop, so to speak. I went back to the screen print lab this morning and used the same colors, yellow, orange, and blue, but changed the layering of it.  I tried a brighter hue of blue and pulled the screen with a different squeegee that had a square end.  I also pulled the yellow base layer twice to achieve a solid yellow that didn’t have blue show through.  I did the same for the orange highlights and found that the color was much brighter and cleaner.  I didn’t realize how much of a difference this would have, but it really did make the print more successful and I would not have discovered this without going back into the project and trying more iterations.

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