Water Colors

Water colors are a tricky medium.  I discovered through our project to create a color wheel through artificial color how hard it is to mix red, yellow, and blue to get secondary and tertiary colors.  I discovered that using the palette of water colors isn’t accurate when mixing colors because it is very difficult to reproduce and mix evenly.  Water color tubes proved to be much more accurate in mixing colors because I could control how much of each color was added before distilling it with water.  Green also proved to be a challenging color to create because blue dominates yellow, so finding the right combination of the two proved difficult especially while preserving the brightness.  Another discovery I made was the effect of a white background compared to a black background. I found that the black background actually brought out the vibrancy of the colors rather than making the dark colors feel darker like I originally thought.  In comparison, the white background kind of washed out the colors in my opinion.

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