Part of being a designer is an evaluation of your work.  Someone might absolutely love it, another might hate it.  But that doesn’t mean you have to take every idea or suggestion.  It may be something as little as changing the material that changes an opinion about a design.  After hearing the critique of a piece of work, it is up to the designer to go back and re-evaluate the design intention, assertion of interest, and how and why it is or isn’t successful.  Critiques aren’t meant to be a negative experience, but provide helpful feedback to challenge the way the designer thought about an element or principle of design.  I know some people dread the day where everyone puts the work up that they have become so attached to and it’s hard to hear someone say that it isn’t working for them or they don’t see it, but personally, I enjoy hearing different ideas and suggestions that maybe I didn’t think of before.  Critiques are a necessary part of the design process to strengthen the finished product.

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