I named the blog “Think Again,” reflecting on some comments in the preface of The New Media Reader:

Rethink Something

“New media’s biggest breakthroughs haven’t come by simply expending huge resources to tackle well-understood problems. They have come from moments of realization: that a problem others haven’t solved is being formulated in the wrong way, or that a technology has a radically different possible use than its current one, or that the metaphors and structures of one community of practice could combine with the products of another to create a third. That is, breakthroughs have come from thinking across disciplines, from rethinking one area of inquiry with tools and methodologies gained from another…”

“Moments of realization.”  I like that.  Breakthroughs.  I love it when that happens.  Beyond computers and computer science, it reminded me of Edith and Charlie Seashore and their work in Organizational Development to lead groups of people to their own “breakthrough moments.”





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