As part of the Laboratory for Coordination at Scale, CAS Lab, at Virginia tech, my research primarily focuses on the study of large-scale autonomous systems. Some of the problems we aim to address include the relationship between agent-to-agent interactions, scalable decentralized coordination, networked dynamical systems, distributed control and optimization. More precisely I look at the problem of analyzing the topology of networked robots and at calculating the probability that the system is resilient to disturbances or malicious attacks. Practically speaking, I aim to design multi robot systems that can coordinate to achieve tasks such as monitoring an environment, organizing inventory in a warehouse, assisting in locating people in a search and rescue missions… All while insuring that the system will not fail if some malicious party decided to interfere. So far, my publications include:

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My undergraduate major was in electrical engineering, where I studied topics in circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, power and control. As a senior design project, I partnered up with a colleague in mechanical engineering to design a Mind Controlled Wheelchair for disabled people. As the name implies, we designed and constructed a wheelchair from scratch that a person can operate just by thinking about the actions which were limited to move forward, move to the right, and move to the left. The prototype was successful, but far from being realistically applicable due to the inconsistency of reading brain waves. I have below a small video which includes some of the milestones we went through to complete this project in addition to the final report.

Senior Project Report