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Acknowledging the Gap in Higher Education: The Importance of Empathy in Engineering Majors

In the context of a political environment in which many citizens believe that their concerns are not being considered nor understood by their elected representatives, the presence or lack of empathy among those leaders is frequently questioned.  Empathy, which refers … Continue reading

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Education for Human Development

The question of the conditions that ought to characterize social justice has been deeply studied by numerous scholars, including Amartya Sen, Martha Nussbaum and Nancy Fraser. Although there are differences among their arguments and those offered by other scholars writing … Continue reading

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Globalization and Sustainable Development

Introduction This article illustrates the variety of impacts and significance of globalization for the daily lives of individuals throughout the world. It also briefly examines the challenges the phenomenon presents, in order to highlight the ways that governance reforms may … Continue reading

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Understanding The Green Economy

The concept of sustainable development was first widely embraced by the international community in 1992 at the United Nations (UN) conference on the environment and development—the Rio Earth Summit. Sixteen years later, in 2008, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) … Continue reading

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