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Public Policy, Racial Justice, and Liberatory Thought: By what criteria can we call public policy properly ‘anti-racist’?

  Since 1950, when the current Nationalist administration began implementing the law, some one hundred and forty African men and women have been banished. Most of them once were tribal chiefs, village headmen, or simply men with leadership qualities—in short, … Continue reading

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Refuge, Refusal and Consent: how should resettlement agencies treat people seeking refuge?

In Spring 2013 Eskinder Negash, director of the United States Office of Refugee Resettlement, visited Virginia Tech to meet with graduate students and faculty.  During his stay he shared current estimates of the worldwide population of people living displaced, stateless, … Continue reading

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“To live on the soil we cultivate”: Legitimacy and Expediency in Thoreau’s Political Ethics

Questions of ethics and morality help to elucidate important limits to politics and in particular help to provoke discourse on popular governance and legitimacy.  More specifically, stirring political theorists to address questions of ethics and moral theorists to consider questions … Continue reading

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