About RE:Reflections and Explorations

If you are interested in contributing to RE:Reflections and Explorations please keep in mind the following guidelines and contact Heather Parrish.

General Guidelines

  • All VT graduate students are eligible to offer essays, but we particularly encourage those in ASPECT, Human Development, P G and G, Public Administration and Public Policy, Political Science, Rhetoric and Writing, Sociology, and Urban Affairs and Planning to submit commentaries
  • Topics need to be germane to the Institute’s vision and mission (posted on our website)
  • Analytical rather than polemical pieces
  • Approximately 750-1,000 words
  • Due Monday of the week promised for publication on Thursday
  • VTIPG reserves the right to edit, accept/reject all pieces submitted.

Formatting Guidelines

  1. Please use 1.25 margins, 1 inch at bottom and top.
  2. Please use 12 point New Times Roman font.
  3. Please use endnotes and not footnotes, see below. When using endnotes, please use Arabic numerals.
  4. Please double-space all material, including endnotes.
  5. Justify only the left margin (not the right).
  6. Use tab function for paragraph indentation.
  7. When quoting 5 lines or more of prose (generally more than 40 words) indent from the left margin and drop the quotation marks. Single space block quotations.
  8. Subheadings should be set in uppercase and lowercase letters. Do not number subheads.
  9. Attach note numbers to text only and not to headings, titles or figures.
  10. Keep heading and essay titles succinct
  11. Do not use (serial) comma before the conjunction in a series of three or more elements in a sentence. Exceptions may be made if meaning changes without the serial comma (example: I’d like to thank my parents, Robert Louis Stevenson, and God. Without the serial comma we would have: I’d like to thank my parents, Robert Louis Stevenson and God.)
  12. If you reference a page or text with a URL, provide that URL and note where it should go in your final text
  13. Include a brief bio noting your degree program, undergraduate degree (and Master’s where appropriate) and where earned as well as your interests.
  14. Use in-text parenthetical citation style as follows: (Kirakosyan 2014, 34). The period comes after the citation at the end of a sentence. The exception is for block quotations; for them, the period at the end of the sentence comes before the parenthetical citation.
  15. Please use a reference list at the end of your essay. Refer to the Harvard University Press guidelines for style conventions.
  16. Place page numbers bottom center and please do not paginate the first page of your essay.

Dr. Max Stephenson, Director of VTIPG, serves as editor of all pieces submitted.

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