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Cooperative Organizations: Toward an On-Going Practice of Democracy

Introduction The United States (U.S.) recently completed a national election. Millions of people went to the polls and voted for President as well as for legislators and considered referenda on multiple issues. Shortly before the election, current U.S. President Barack … Continue reading

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Protecting Cultural Property and Heritage Sites During Conflict

Dear Readers, Today’s RE: Reflections and Explorations marks a milestone: publication of the 100th essay in this series. I would like to thank all of those who have contributed their time and talents to what has emerged as a high … Continue reading

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Hogra and Youth Inclusion in the MENA region

“Hogra” and youth exclusion in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) Hogra is a word used in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to describe the anger, rage and humiliation experienced by individuals and communities that have been deprived of … Continue reading

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America’s Recent Military Actions in the Middle East

Plan for war, but do not plan for anything after that Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be considered Hawks when it comes to the United States’ (US) role in the Middle East, as Clinton’s policy stances and actions … Continue reading

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Globalization and Sustainable Development

Introduction This article illustrates the variety of impacts and significance of globalization for the daily lives of individuals throughout the world. It also briefly examines the challenges the phenomenon presents, in order to highlight the ways that governance reforms may … Continue reading

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