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What is Special about Paralympic Volunteering?

I am delighted as editor of the RE: Reflections and Explorations series to welcome Dr. Lyusyena Kirakosyan back to its pages this week. Dr. Kirakosyan first proposed this series while a doctoral student at Virginia Tech and provided the leadership … Continue reading

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Who is Talking? Paradigm Shifts, Knowledge-Power and the Aquatic Ape

One cannot help but notice an ongoing tension in academia between the active pursuit of new knowledge and a tendency to cling to old ideas and theories. Kuhn (1970) wrote about the resistance of academic disciplines to change, coining the … Continue reading

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The Unnoticed Contextual Realities of Hillbilly Elegy

At any site on the landscape, multiple definitions of a place are continually in play among those who reside or visit there, sometimes convivial and sometimes antagonistic. Ideas of property, of homeland, of natural resources, of infrastructure; of city, county, … Continue reading

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