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Surveilling to Remember: The Impact of Technology on American Democracy

I still follow the politics of my home state of Wisconsin. On April 5—the date of Wisconsin’s spring election and presidential preference primary—I tracked Facebook carefully, and routinely refreshed local news pages and watched election results on local media outlets. … Continue reading

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4’33” at the Edge of Intelligibility

According to Michel Foucault, every episteme—that is, every historically distinct discursive formation—can be characterized by a principle of communicative scarcity that guarantees the formation’s intelligible integrity: “on the basis of the grammar and of the wealth of vocabulary available at … Continue reading

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The Land-Crisis Nexus: Commodification of Nature as a Means of Crisis Management

  With all frontiers now closed, we might ask if the capitalist world-economy today confronts a situation at all similar to that faced by feudalism some seven centuries earlier. Like feudalism, capitalism appears to be approaching the limits to growth … Continue reading

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Beyond Interests: Symbiogenic Resonance and the Democratic Subject

Wendy Brown’s latest book, Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution, ends on a down note In her view, Americans are doomed to lose our democratic identity through the creep of homo economicus as the hegemonic subjectivity through which we interpret … Continue reading

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