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Theorizing technological change and participatory/democratic practices in workplaces

This brief article promotes the development of new theories and approaches to replace traditional perspectives on the sociology of work and organizations. I will use as examples of this imperative recent theoretical developments and empirical findings concerning the relationship between … Continue reading

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Biopiracy and the Threat to Indigenous Knowledge

A conflict between western and indigenous forms of knowledge appears to be endemic in our current globalized world. Whereas, western knowledge has been divided into different disciplines, specialties, and subjects, indigenous knowledge is disseminated amongst the people possessing it and … Continue reading

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Understanding The Green Economy

The concept of sustainable development was first widely embraced by the international community in 1992 at the United Nations (UN) conference on the environment and development—the Rio Earth Summit. Sixteen years later, in 2008, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) … Continue reading

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The Unaccounted Risks of Public Private Partnerships

This brief article examines the ramifications of adoption of the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism in the urban infrastructure and service sector. I focus on the debate concerning the efficacy and equity of PPPs and, particularly, the issue of risk. I … Continue reading

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