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The Youth Bulge in the Middle East and North Africa is Breaking Higher Education in the Region: How Should Governments Address the Challenge?

The youth bulge in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is at the root of many social issues both across the region and beyond it. The current conflicts in Syria and elsewhere in the area notwithstanding, much of the … Continue reading

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“Bouncing Back” to Poverty: Exploring the Meaning of Resilience in a Time of Capitalist Crisis

It is no coincidence that an entire ‘cottage industry on resilient cities’ has emerged at a time of global austerity—a needless and wicked political and corporate assault on the poor that needs to be captured as a crisis per se, … Continue reading

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Trends in the Nonprofit Sector: A Fresh Call for Change

The Independent Sector (IS) (2015), a national umbrella service organization for nonprofit entities, recently released Threads: Insights from the charitable community, a publication highlighting the opportunities and challenges identified by its stakeholders—nonprofit executives, board members, corporate and government leaders—during a … Continue reading

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