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Ontological Reflections on the Quest for Rural Sustainability

Woody Crenshaw is an organic produce farmer and founding board member of the nonprofit Sustain Floyd. Crenshaw and his wife Jackie moved to Floyd, Virginia in the 1970s to, as he proudly recalls, “get back to the land.” He is … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Heterogeneity: The Frailty of the Pan-Africanist Ideal

  When Africans speak of Pan-Africanism and African Unity, they do so mostly in abstractions. The recent xenophobic attacks on other Africans in South Africa have now prompted an honest conversation about the concept of Pan-Africanism. The idea was born … Continue reading

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Between Conditional and Unconditional Hospitality: The Contradictions of European Union and United States Immigration Policy

Immigration, especially along the border between the United States (U.S.) and Mexico as well as at the point where the Mediterranean and the “Schengen” zone meet (e.g., Italy and Greece), is increasingly marked by instances of violence and securitization. The … Continue reading

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The Effects of Greenbelt Policy in Seoul, Korea

A greenbelt usually refers to a band drawn fairly tightly around a city or urban region that planners intend to be permanent, or at least very difficult to change (Jabareen, 2006). These areas are designed as buffers to protect open … Continue reading

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