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Academic Freedom for Whom: Institutions or Individuals?

To the extent the Constitution recognizes a right of ‘academic freedom’ above and beyond the First Amendment rights to which every citizen is entitled, the right inheres in the University, not in individual professors. United States Court of Appeals for … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Grow: Nature, Politics and Indigenous Ontologies

  It is spring and my yard and the nearby forest are bursting with a bounty of edibles. I do not mean items in my garden. I literally mean my yard and the forest. It surprises people when I tell … Continue reading

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Beyond (internal) Colonization, Blame, and Binaries: Working Towards a Relational Economy

We realized that so many of the problems communities were dealing with were related to the economic system, and if we could not reform the economy—develop a moral economy, one which serves all the people—we could not solve health, education … Continue reading

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Between Conditional and Unconditional Hospitality: The Contradictions of European Union and United States Immigration Policy

Immigration, especially along the border between the United States (U.S.) and Mexico as well as at the point where the Mediterranean and the “Schengen” zone meet (e.g., Italy and Greece), is increasingly marked by instances of violence and securitization. The … Continue reading

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