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The Role of Age, Gender, Education, and Income in Shaping Egyptian Citizens’ Perceptions of the Most Vital Features of Democracy

Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, February 2011. Source:              Demotix / Mohamed Elmaymoney. Used with Permission.   Late January and February 2011 marked a giant step in the history of Egypt toward a previously unknown, but for millions, desperately desired, democratic … Continue reading

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Global Governance is here to Stay

Defining global governance can be very difficult. Dingwerth and Pattberg (2006) have argued that this is so because “global governance is all over the place!”(Dingwerth & Pattberg, 2006, p. 185). This concept can be associated with many things, whether an … Continue reading

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Getting to the Heart of Alternative Food Systems Work

In my twenties, I reduced all that I owned to fit into a backpack, moved out to the Pacific Northwest, and realized a dream of living primitively while teaching groups of adults and youth how to do the same, in … Continue reading

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Foundations of Intentionality: Intergenerational Theater and Community Building

In my continuing endeavor to understand how the arts, specifically theater, may promote collaboration and more inclusive community development, I partnered with my roommate to study the effects of two intergenerational theater programs on participant perceptions. Neda Norouzi is a … Continue reading

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Sweatshop resistance and transnational activism: the success story of Villa Altagracia

Introduction  Last month, two textile workers from the Dominican Republic addressed Virginia Tech’s chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and lobbied the university’s administration to support fair trade practices in Latin American apparel factories.1 Their employer, Alta Gracia Fair … Continue reading

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