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Life and the endless journey of situating oneself…

This is definitely a reflection: pretty short, hopefully sweet. I have been considering the way we position ourselves in academia, our research and our writing. Like many undergraduate and graduate students, I am currently reading a book for a class … Continue reading

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“Performative slacktivism: ‘Saving’ the world with Facebook likes”

  “Mother of Sick Child Finally Receives Vital Facebook Likes Needed for Operation.” [1] A photograph of a young woman receiving a box of the famous social network “thumbs up” signs accompanied this fictitious headline in an online satirical publication. … Continue reading

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From Hobby to Business: Beauty-Fashion Blogging on YouTube

Blogging as a trend on the Internet has become extremely popular during the last decade. People all over the world have begun writing on a variety of topics—music, news, education, cooking etc. Basically, anyone who finds himself/herself experienced in an … Continue reading

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When Compassion Hurts: Self Care For Queer Activists of Color

Mentally and emotionally drained, I review my weekly calendar.  A page of rainbow colored blocks displays a 60- to 70-hour work week: The Office for Diversity and Inclusion; the Women’s Center; the Department of Human Development; the Family Therapy Center, … Continue reading

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Mythology and moorings: Science surveys in cultural context

Lately I have felt inundated with survey results that highlight alarming disconnects between public beliefs about scientific matters and the consensus views of practicing scientists. Recently, for example, I learned that more than 40% of Americans believe astrology is at … Continue reading

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